Shorrolds Road

Recent Project

Shorrolds Road


This two bedroom split level flat had not been refurbished in some time, and was suffering with damp in the basement level. The flat was stripped back to the brick and timbers throughout, then redundant chimney breasts removed from both of the bedrooms upstairs and the living room downstairs. Steels were used to support the chimney stacks above, and a vertical post hidden in the wall separating the bedrooms.

The basement was tanked with a delta membrane system, then insulated, and a french drain leads to the drain at the rear of the property. The kitchen was moved to the other side of the room, a diving partition wall removed as well as the ceiling below the bathroom lifted making the living space more open and airy. A light well and large bifold doors bring more light into the basement area too, whilst the whole room is now warmer. The steel previously covered up, was exposed and painted with fire retardent paint to match the kitchen, radiators and bifold doors, and the staircase into the living space was remade with a winder and glass balustrades for a modern and stylish room.

The flat was rewired to modern specifications with low voltage LED lighting throughout. The old lead water pipes replaced with modern poly pipe improving the water pressure. The radiators were moved and the pipework replaced. The windows were replaced with new, double glazed wooden sash windows and plantation shutters in the bedrooms. Engineered wooden flooring matching the garden and bathroom tiles were fitted as well as new doors and wardrobes. The boiler cupboard was reduced in size and a new bathroom suite relocated to new positions makes a better bathroom space.

The old terrace decking was removed and tiled with an inset drain. LED lighting and galvanised conduit means the outside area is very pleasant now.

  • Rent increase from £350pw to £500pw
  • Approx project cost of £100K
  • Meaning an 8% return on investment
  • Plus increase of value by approx £150K