Fauconberg Road

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Fauconberg Road

Fauconberg Road – Exterior improvements

Here you can see a lot of photos documenting this great project. This property was suffering with leaks from the mansards on the roof, and damp ingress because of very weathered brickwork, loose pointing and flashing. The owners also wanted to strip the old cream coloured pebbledash exterior and replace with a clean crisp render.

Once scaffolding was up, we set about rebuilding the mansards, replacing the old asphalt for new resin roofs and tiled sides. The windows and edges were cornered with lead.

The parapets had no coping stones and had weathered badly, the redundant chimney was also letting water in. So we capped the chimney breasts – keeping water out, repointed and reflashed the parapet walls and fitted coping stones.

The pebble dash render was stripped off back to the brick ready for the new render.

The brickwork was bonded, with mesh beading on the reveals and corners. The top coat of sand and cement render then went on. The front wall was lowered, and rendered as well.

The sills were recast where they were crumbing, and the whole exterior was painted white.

The front garden was laid with new membrane, white pebbles and slate.

And we’re done!