Property Management Services in London

A property needs to be regularly and carefully maintained. When problems occur, and they no doubt will, we need to be on hand to act.

The key is understanding the root of the problem, which avoids wasted time and money. We have seen a variety of issues in such a broad variety of properties that this is second nature to us. So the landlord can rely on us to keep a watchful eye on their property safe in the knowledge that their interests are perfectly represented.

Tenants are paying customers and need a level of service – we offer that service. This ensures the tenancy runs smoothly and disagreements are minimised.

Lastly, the investment needs to deliver for the landlord. This requires the property to be constantly upgraded. We will plan renovation and modernisation with our clients for a improved and lasting rental yield.


For rental properties, we charge 6%+VAT of the rent. If you have a portfolio of properties, we are happy to discuss a package deal.

For short let management, we will normally agree a fixed management fee per booking dependent on the size of the property.

For block management or estate management, please call us to discuss your exact requirements and the property in question.


We have a dedicated client account and property management software that allows us to carefully track income and expenditure.

We will provide you with statements and invoices for your tax returns and chase rent on your behalf.


The law is changing all the time and landlords are a target of more and more scrupulous legal requirements.

It is our job to keep abreast with the latest industry updates manage in accordance with the law and RICS guidelines and make sure you’re informed and covered.


Co-ordinating tenants, contractors, access, keys and billing is not a challenge to be underestimated.

It’s a big part of the hassle factor of management. We do all of this for you.


If you’re busy, abroad or simply want to focus on other more enjoyable things, management will be beneficial to you.

Managing a property requires large actions and small actions; it’s the small ones that get missed by landlords or estate agents. Simply popping by to look at a problem, topping up boiler pressure, replacing a carbon monoxide alarm, unblocking a fridge drain, filling that hole. Without these important touches, the property deteriorates and small problems can become expensive ones.

Self-managing does not necessarily save money as it takes time, experience and diligence. It can also be stressful – often at the worst moment!

As a landlord you need to be available to attend to issues 24/7 – for modern, discerning tenants it’s not good enough for the property to be managed from a distance.

If you’re not absolutely sure that you can identify the cause of an issue quickly, it’s best to get someone else to do it.


Acara Management was formed in 2013 because of the need for a higher quality of management service for landlords.

Many landlords use estate agents for management once their property is rented, but find the property does not receive the care and attention needed to maintain and improve it properly, and in turn keep the tenants or the landlord happy.

This is because management is hard work! Typically, estate agents won’t visit the property and instead do everything from their desks. This hugely restricts the quality of the service they can offer.

A desk-bound property manager often has to rely on somebody else to diagnose the problem. If this is a tenant, mistakes can easily occur. If it’s a contractor, that’s a call-out the landlord has had to pay for.

We diagnose problems ourselves as part of the service, allowing us to solve a problem cost effectively. If we can solve the problem ourselves and save the landlord a call out, we do. It does not always need a plumber to unblock a sink, a gas engineer to top up a boiler, or an electrician to reset a switch.

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