Why Landlord Maintenance is Important For Your Bottom Line

Any property manager or landlord worth their salt knows how important it is to keep rental properties in good condition. Your tenants are entitled by law to a habitable living environment, and it’s well within a landlords financial interests to ensure that maintenance is carried out regularly in order to prevent serious damage to the property or missed income between tenancies.

Attracting Good Tenants

It’s common sense that a prospective tenant is far less likely to want to rent a neglected property, not only that, but it may attract the wrong type of tenant who will treat it the same way.

Houses up for sale are advertised in the best possible condition to achieve the highest price, and finding a great tenant is no different.

Cosmetic maintenance also makes a difference to the quality of tenants applying for your property. Touching up paint on interior walls between tenants is a simple task that can make a difference to the rent you charge the next resident. This is the same for outdated appliances and fixtures.

Tenants are likely to treat property with more respect when it’s well-presented, and small gestures like gardening assistance or a coat of paint will both attract a high calibre of tenants and make sure that the property is cared for in your absence by current ones.

Ongoing Management

If properties don’t receive ongoing management then there can be serious consequences

Maintenance and repairs not acted upon straight away can both cost landlords more in the long run and take longer to sort. The value of a property is significantly lowered when in disrepair, which means a decrease in its rental income potential and investment for you.

Lots of landlord insurance providers expect the homeowner to keep their property maintained to the standards outlined in the Tenancies Act. If this isn’t upheld, it could even result in claims being denied.

Landlords should be aware that property needs to be maintained regularly and particular standards for repair need to be met. If tenants make you aware of a maintenance problem, then action must be taken immediately. Preventative maintenance applied beforehand ensures that these reported problems are not serious issues.


Regular inspections will uncover problems and inspire maintenance action before they get considerably worse.

It’s wise for a Landlord to arrange routine checks on an annual or more frequent basis to monitor signs of mould or damp, service air conditioners, mend broken fixtures, or generally inspect for aspects of the property that could present a problem in future.

Landlord maintenance matters for tenants, insurers, and your bottom line.

For modern, discerning tenants it’s not good enough for the property to be managed from a distance, so our property managers carry tools, diagnose, and solve simple problems themselves to save our clients’ money.

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