Acara Birdboxes

We’re very pleased to launch a new little project – The Acara Birdboxes.

The team are meticulously hand making each one, imminently going out into the wild to clients and our managed properties.

There is going to be a succession of themes interspersing our ‘Classic Modern’ rendered house in company colours. Above you can see the ‘Gaudi House’ and ‘Eco House’.

More to follow – watch out for our occasional specials in progress – ‘The White House’, ‘Dubai House’, ‘Pebbledash House’, ‘Beach House’, ‘Log Cabin’ and ‘Reptile House’.

They’re proving popular because we’ve already had four stolen from outside the office, we’re assuming the birds took them.

Requests welcome – first come first serve. Let’s hope our weatherproofing works! Looking forward to pictures of our first tenants.