Hi All,


Here’s an extract from an email to all our clients at the beginning of this year.


Our product

Four years ago when I set up the company, I set out my main unique selling points and these have remained true. They are;

  • We visit properties in person

  • We are hands on and do odd jobs as part of the service

  • We are not estate agents

I’m very proud of these points. As you know, I travel by motorbike and carry tools to do small odd jobs, because I want to avoid expensive solutions to simple problems. Some recent examples of the way we save our client’s money –

  • Acton W3 – broken tap – we attended to a broken kitchen tap where the handle had detached stopping the tap working. We bought a new handle for £4 and fitted it and that was the problem solved. I know from experience that most estate agents would have called out a plumber and asked him to change the tap. The kitchen tap would of cost at least £50 and the plumber would have been at least £100.

  • Highgate – Toilet seat – the tenants reported that the toilet seat had detached from the hinges and wasn’t repairable. I went, looked what we needed, went to B&Q, bought a new £35 seat and fitted it. Again, an estate agent would’ve called out a handyman, who would have charged £70-100 for his time shopping and fitting, plus the seat.

  • Clapham – light switch – the lights weren’t working in a flat in Clapham. I went and found two of the dimmer modules had gone in the 3 gang dimmer. So I changed out the light switch for a new one and the lights are working perfectly. An estate agent would have called out an electrician and the job would’ve probably cost £200.

  • Shepherds Bush – No hot water and heating. The tenants reported no heating and hot water. I attended, topped up the pressure and reset the boiler. There was no cost to the landlord.

  • Ealing – bath plug – the pop up waste on the bath was no longer working. The owner had two quotes from estate agents of £300-400 to change it all, which required the bath to be removed. I bought a rubber plug for 50p and put it in myself.

  • Richmond – radiator not heating – I went and cleaned the boiler filter, freed the radiator valves and cleared the blockage by shutting all the other radiators off. An estate agent would’ve called a gas engineer to drain the system and change the radiator. There was no cost to the landlord.

I think it’s very important for property managers to be hands on to solve problems quickly and cost effectively. We are care takers for your property. We don’t sit in an office and say ‘well it’s not my job to buy a light switch’.”